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For the production of all types of gypsum for all purposes

International for building materials company is considered one of the first companies in Egypt and Africa which work in the field of gypsum production it was established in 1980. It is considered as one of the biggest companies in Egypt work in gypsum production field now.

  • The product should be stored in dry places (away from humidity and water) raised on wooden pallets higher than the floor.
  • Care should be observed during loading and handling the sacks.
  • Make sure that the mixing containers and tools in use are clean. .
  • It isn’t preferred to add new quantity of the material to another remaining old material in the mixing vessel. .
  • The quantity of material must suit the operating time as per labelled on the sack so as to reduce waste.
  • Tools must be cleaned carefully so plastering materials don’t shrivel on it. .


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